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Deceptively Deep Black Bamboo


Compacted Black Bamboo 


This removal is a great example of why we do estimates that leave room for the unknown. On the surface this 4 foot wide line of black bamboo seemed harmless enough. They weren't extremely large, they were contained in barrier and seemed like it would be a fairly straightforward removal. 

Cue maniacal laughter...

Turns out the barrier and the fact that there were multiple starter plants battling it out for a small amount of space let to a winding root system that was 3 feet deep. After removing the whole top layer of vegetation we realized there were layers to this beast. After a renegotiation of the original quote, we pulled out the big guns and brought in our ringer, John (Deere) to finish the job. The steep angle of the driveway was a challenge, but in the end we extracted the tangle of rhizome and learned a lot about the density and never again to be underestimated power of phyllostachys nigra.

A 50 Degree Sloped Driveway


Summer 2017

View Time Lapse Video Here

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