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Planter Arrangements

We believe that there is beauty and a unifying truth to impermanence. Some plants bloom only a short while, and because of this fact we have chosen to showcase this process in the many beautiful planters we have access to, created by master artisans both locally and around the world.

Our installations are part fine art, part botanical harmonics and  rustic tradition, with a deep commitment to arrangements that will spark joy in anyone who takes a moment to appreciate them. 

Our planter arrangements are available  for full time installation, as well as for short term seasonal installation subscriptions. As the seasons change, so too can your arrangements.

Contact us to begin the design process.


Planters for Purchase

Tall Slim Planter 18”x 18”x 37.5”  $380
Long Planter 35”L x 19.5”W x 18”H  $420
Large Upright Planter 21.5”L x 21.5”W x 32.5”H  $420
Large upright.jpg
Custom Enclosure Builds Available
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