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When unwanted development happens next to you, a creative solution is required. In this case a man made mountain with multiple buildings looking down into our clients yard and windows was countered with a 500 ft row of mature Vivax. An epic endeavor but with a max height of 45ft a majestic wall of green will keep this farm private for years to come.

The towering golden culms of Vivax Aureocaulis turn poolside plain-ness into a tropical oasis. Custom designed white tile and stone planter boxes provide a clean white backdrop to showcase the golden glow of this magnificent bamboo.

Up close, enjoy this truly unique species for it's delicate green stripes, scattered in a multitude of random patterns from culm to culm. A mystery of genetics and a delight for the detail conscious gardener and guest alike.

Non-Invasive Privacy Solution

Spacing between houses just isn't what it used to be. If you're done with your neighbor being able to see what you're having for breakfast but space is tight, go with a fence-line planter box full of "all gold". Wake up to botanical sunshine every day. 

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